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I have always gone weak in the knees for personality tests. I don’t know if it’s the alluring colors they use, or the captivating questions they use to analyze my thought processes. Whatever it is, I become like a kid in a candy store when I hear about a new personality quiz. Depending on which test it is and what they measure, my results are usually very similar. I can tell you I’m an extrovert, who is more thinking than feeling. I’m a creative visionary who struggles to keep the same day-to-day routine. I’ve learned I’m personable but should be more sensitive to others and take their feelings into account more often. As you can see I have probably taken too many of these tests and overanalyzed myself, but, I enjoy it.

This week we took an office wide personality test using After everyone took it I compiled the data and put it in a packet for anyone to read if they were interested! Our hope was that everyone could better learn how to work, communicate, and respond in the best way possible to his or her coworkers.

Personality tests are not “tell all’s” about people and how they tick, but they are great starting points to learn about individuals. I have sat through multiple training sessions in different work/social environments revolving around personality tests. Some have been extremely helpful and some not so much. However, at each one I have learned something new about myself that I like and something I can improve on. The worst that can happen after taking a test is you disagree with it. Don’t be afraid to learn something new about yourself and others, the helpfulness may surprise you.

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