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We get a lot of questions about the durability of our projects, and rightfully so. If I was going to spend money on installing tile in my home or office I would want to know that it was going to last. We welcome these questions because we believe in our products. We jump at the opportunity to talk about how our UV safe products can last for 50+ years without fading. And mentioning the fact that our kiln fired solar murals are graffiti resilient and cannot be defaced come as small joys throughout our day. I won’t even go into the fact that sometimes we throw our cutting boards on concrete floors just to watch them not break.

This blog post could come off as an annoying sales pitch, or it could be a genuine employee who truly believes in the quality and consistency of our product. Don’t try to read between the lines, simply because there is nothing there. Images In Tile truly has a wonderful product and we love to share it with others as often as we can.

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