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Halloween is over, the weather has changed, and I have been listening to Christmas music for two days. We are in full swing of the Holiday Season. This is the most magical time of year for many reasons. Families decorate the tree together and the commencing of annual Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions begin, businesses start to place BOGO signs in their windows and give gifts or bonuses to their employees; it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

For us at Images In Tile the holiday season means pressing a lot of cutting boards, coasters, and plaques for presents. There’s a joy that comes with knowing we are working on gifts for somebody’s loved one, you almost feel like one of the elves. There are a lot of people who think starting any Christmas talk before December 1st is crazy, but I say why not soak up as much of that holiday spirit as you can? This is the spirit that makes customer service go up a notch or shoppers have a little more leniency with their dollars. It’s so important to foster this atmosphere in your offices and homes. We have seasons for a reason, they are to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Don’t skip out on decorations or holiday parties and dinners, start early spreading the cheer of the season! You may find that employees and customers alike are a bit more joyful to be around.

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