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We Create
Custom Tile Murals

Commercial, Residential, Endless Potential


Stunning & Unique

Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd


Space Center


Create Your Focal Point

Accentuate Your Space with Custom Deco Tiles


Images In Tile USA is the premier manufacturer of custom
tile murals, uniting craft and science.

Our canvases are ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone.

Let’s turn your imagination into reality.

How It Works

Choose Your Image

Your artwork, logo, photo, painting or design. Full-color and fully yours.

Choose a Tile Body

We offer a variety of sizes in ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass to suit your space.

Install and Impress

Installs as easily as ordinary field tile,
but with extraordinary results.

Every mural we produce
begins with one tile.
Coincidentally, one tile
is our minimum order.

We love big ideas

No project is too large — or too small.

When it comes to your project, size is no object.
Whether it’s your kitchen backsplash or the side of a skyscraper.
We can make it happen.

Turn Up the Volume

High-volume accounts are no problem.

One tile per location? Multiple storefronts?
Images In Tile produces for restaurant chains,
hotels and retail outlets across the globe.

Trusted by



Your imagination is free to roam

We can apply virtually any image to tile.

And if an idea is all you have,
we can help with that, too.

Detailed, Durable and Digital

We don’t use paints or decals

Utilizing digital graphics and imaging processes,
Images In Tile can ensure your images look their best.
Our tile murals are a lasting alternative to traditional art.

Every Project Is Unique

We Custom-Quote Each Project

Curious about pricing? Give us a call
or send us a message with your project
needs and we’ll return a quote promptly.


UV-Safe and Graffiti-Resistant

Our exterior process can be
used in practically any application,
even in direct sunlight.


Vibrancy and Variety

One dozen sizes. Three finishes.
Our interior process is for most
applications not in direct sunlight.


Impressively Durable

Low or high traffic. Wet or dry areas. Commercial or residential. We have options to suit your space.