Curious Tide by Allison Bianco

8 x 8 glossy porcelain tile, mahogany, acrylic, 11 x 21 feet
P.S. 958, Brooklyn, Collection of the NYC Department of Education, Public Art for Public Schools
images: Samuel Morgan Photography, 2022

“Curious Tide is my first permanent public artwork sited at PS 958 Brooklyn. Inspired by the ocean and beaches on New York City’s coastlines, the work features a tile mural of waves, creatures, plants, animals, food, and objects influenced by local iconography. A dramatic interaction between water and sky foreshadows a physical shift in the climate of the oceanscape beneath, with unexpected objects and color designed to provide moments of humor and wonder. The weathering and entanglement expressed in the mural is linked to remembrances of shared and changing places.”

Allison BiancoArtist

Two circular mahogany shapes hang atop the tile mural, lending warmth and harmony to the architectural design of the lobby. One is a vibrant orange and the other is accented with deep purples and reds, reminiscent of setting suns on the horizon. Here, the bright colors serve as focal points and deepen the other-worldly sentiment within the seascape.

Allison Bianco is represented by Cade Tompkins Projects in Providence, Rhode Island.

Public Art for Public Schools was established in 1989 to commission and preserve the over 2000 works in the collection of the NYC Department of Education. Artists include Ann Agee, Romare Bearden, Sanford Biggers, Sandra Cinto, and Faith Ringgold, among many others.

The commission is through the New York City School Construction Authority, Public Art for Public Schools program in collaboration with the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Percent for Art program for the collection of the New York City Department of Education.

View the project profile at GoLocal Providence.