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Fresh Eyes

By February 13, 2015Uncategorized

We recently hired a new salesman. His first task was to inventory the factory and learn our products. While he was going through all of our old tiles/supplies he found a lot of stuff that could be sold, changed, or improved. We started rearranging things and selling perfectly good murals we had stored away. Having someone come in and see what we do from an outsider’s point of view was extremely helpful to our company.

We hear the expression, ‘Fresh Eyes’ all the time, “Let’s get fresh eyes on that,” or “We need a set of fresh eyes in here.” Having someone else see what you do from a different perspective can be a huge asset to any business or company. From bringing one person in to take a look at what we do, we have now sold products we didn’t know we had stored away. We have been able to organize and clear shelves to create space for new inventory.

Not to say you should constantly be hiring new people, that might turn into a nightmare, but you shouldn’t be afraid of consulting people on the outside to look at your business in a critical and constructive way. You never know what may come from a good pair of ‘Fresh Eyes’.

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