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Bright Is In.

By February 6, 2015Uncategorized


Bright is in these days. The lighter a space seems, the better. Bright houses and spaces always seem bigger and happier; and in case you weren’t aware, houses can portray emotion. If I could choose the emotion of my dream house I would go with relaxing, peaceful, and joyful. Just thinking about it is putting me into a dream-like state. Until I can build and live in my dream home, I’ll use these 3 things to get as close as I can to the house with the emotions of my dreams.


1. All Things White

I love all things white, these days. White floors, white backsplash, and white shower tile are three things that attract my eye to any space. If you are going for a bright and clean looking room, I promise white will be your best friend.

2. Pop Of Color

Don’t be afraid of bright and bold colors, or even black. Whether this is in the form of an accent rug or some bright artwork on the wall, a splash of color adds personality and dimension to a room.

3. Sunlight

There’s a reason we have a sun. There’s also a reason we need the sun. I firmly believe this reason is so that our homes feel bright and cozy all at the same time. The absolute best way to brighten up a room is to get more sunlight in there, whether that’s a skylight or adding a window to the room. These remodels are the most drastic out of the 3 but they also brighten your room up the most.

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