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A professor of mine once gave an entire lecture on the art and importance of filing, organizing, and backing up our computers. At the time I was bored and certain I was hearing a lecture on common sense. I was right. Even so, I was not practicing this common sense. All of the files on my computer were organized; having them backed up was a whole other story. That very afternoon I went to work, worked, backed up all of my work files and then headed home to do the same for any non-work documents.

You would think that a young twenty-something in today’s world would know the importance of backing up a computer. Logically, I knew the importance of organization and having all of my bases covered if something were to breakdown or suddenly shut off, but I had never put pen to paper or the rubber to the road (whichever analogy you find most applicable). Having organized files ensures ease of use and more time efficient computer use. You also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t lose even the most important file.

Along with myself, I hope you choose to make your life easier and have a back up plan. Because lets face it, computers don’t live forever.

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