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Recently I was searching for before and after pictures of remodeled kitchens. After going through what seemed like a million pictures I noticed two major trends in the backsplashes of the new kitchens.

  1. All things metallic.

Gold, silver, and bronze were all throughout the kitchen backsplashes. Whether it was hints of metallic or the entire thing shimmered, shiny walls lined the updated kitchens. This look, in my opinion and if done correctly, immediately gives a kitchen a richness and depth that no color could. Metallic is the perfect accent to any style, color or pattern.

  1. Pattern, color, pattern, color. Repeat.

Patterns full of color and design were all over the walls of remodeled kitchens. This look was usually paired with white or neutral walls and counters. What I love about patterns and color in a kitchen is the detail it adds to a room. Color always makes a kitchen look unique. If you want a kitchen that pops, you will want color. The key to this look is moderation. If you have loud cabinets, dark countertops, brightly painted walls and a busy pattern as your backsplash, your kitchen would seem to “scream” at people. On the other hand, though, don’t be afraid to branch out and add some pop.

Both of these trends look incredible, and can immediately transform a room. If you choose to do one of these, make sure you have balance in your space. You need light colors paired with dark, busy patterns paired with simple, and metallic finishes paired with matte. The possibilities are endless, so create your kitchen to fit you!

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