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Confidence Is Key

By August 22, 2014Uncategorized


[kon-fi-duh nt]



having strong belief or full assurance; sure:

confident of fulfillment.


sure of oneself; having no uncertainty about one’s own abilities, correctness, successfulness, etc.; self-confident; bold:

a confident speaker.



I used to think that confidence meant being prideful or a having big ego. I could not have been more wrong. Growing up my parents instilled in me a confidence that bleeds into every area of my life. I was taught to hold my head high and pursue whatever I wanted. If you’re thinking, “Ooohhh, I know this type. The ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ mindset… ‘Shoot for the moon and you’ll reach the stars’ type…” you would be wrong. When I lost pee wee soccer games I was never told, “Well, you won in your heart! No one is a loser.” My parents told me ‘good game’, grabbed an ice cream cone, and talked about how sometimes we lose. My brother and I were never allowed to quit a sport or club if we had already committed. We were taught to persevere and try to find the things we could enjoy and learn from. In the moment we hated it, but that’s why we have parents, because they know that life isn’t always a bed of roses and that sometimes we fall and have a hard time getting up again. There are a lot of things my parents taught me, but one of the things I am beyond grateful for is a sense of confidence in who I am. By no means do I think I am perfect, I am so far from it! I do, however, believe that I have things to offer. I have thoughts and opinions that matter.

Businesses need confident employees; they are looking for confident employees. There are so many go getters in society and that is what keeps us moving forward. Employers want to be ahead of the curve, have forward thinkers, and trust the people they’ve hired.

I was talking with our graphic designers and we discussed two types of confidence, skill confidence and personal confidence. There is a place and need for both in the workplace. Skill confidence is being sure that you have the ability to complete a task or duty. Employers look for this. They want to know that who they have hired can and will handle the job at hand. Personal confidence, in my opinion, is the more important of the two. Personal confidence is in all aspects of life. There is a certain quality about a confident person that is hard to dictate but unmistakable to see.

The next time you go into an interview or a meeting be confident, it will take you a long way.

Confidence can make decisions. Confidence doesn’t need others approval. Confidence has opinions but doesn’t feel obligated to share them. Confidence creates innovators, world changers and problem solvers. Confidence allows others to get recognized for a job well done and still feel secure in what they do. Confidence is not a personality trait, it’s not a physical attribute, and it’s not perfect. Confidence allows our personalities to be full, makes us proud of what we look like and allows us to fail without being crushed. Confidence is what companies are built on and what they thrive on. Confidence fosters learning and progression. Confidence is bold, convinced, courageous, positive, satisfied, and self-aware. Confidence is key.

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