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Childhood. Imagination. Chalkboards.

By August 8, 2014Uncategorized

As a young child my favorite thing to do was play! It’s such a general concept, but anything that involved imagination and fun, I was there. My imagination took me to medieval castles, deserted islands, and snow covered prairies! There was no limit for what my mind could create. One of my favorites, though, was the classic school scenario. I loved playing teacher! I would gather all the learning essentials; coloring books, crayons, calculators, and rulers and neatly set them on the floor for my stuffed animals to learn that day’s lesson. After the classroom was set I would go find a chalkboard, because there was NO WAY I could teach without my chalkboard!

The lesson would commence. I taught my pupils everything I knew, which usually turned into an all day show-and-tell of my pet guinea pig, Skittle. I would write important details of being a pet owner on the chalkboard and would make sure my students knew what they were getting into before purchasing a guinea pig. After the lesson was over I would put away my materials and usually just draw or color on the chalkboard for a while. Childhood was fantastic.

Life went by and about 15 years later here I am in the workforce. When I got hired at Images In Tile and walked into the office for the first time they had these glass “chalkboard” looking panels on the wall. They used glo-write fluorescent markers to write on them and it looked awesome! My childhood self longed to have these. If only I had, my stuffed animals would have learned so much more…

Our graphic artists have created a chalkboard looking surface that we image onto our glass panels. They are perfect for lists, calendars, organizing, signs and they clean easy and look very chic!

So, next time you go to play imaginary school, as we all do, make sure you have one of these to write on.

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