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Think back to January 1st, 2014. What did this year look like on the front end? Did you see it going completely differently than it has? Or has it been right in line with what you saw? I had so many new goals and high hopes for that upcoming year. Now, I couldn’t tell you one goal I had in mind. Although I didn’t accomplish (or remember) all the goals I had in mind for this year, in the broad sense of things it’s gone pretty much the way I thought it would. Reflecting on 2014 has got me thinking about 2015 and what I want to accomplish within the upcoming year, I already have a list of things piling up to get done. The other day, though, while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram I came across a beautiful picture of fall trees right after a frost, and the caption below it said,

You have one month to finish the chapter of 2014. Choose to make the last chapter a great one.

So true. In all my efforts to make 2015 a more productive year than 2014, I’m forgetting that there is still an entire month left this year. A lot can happen in a month, lives can be changed in a month, lives can be changed in a day and December has 31 of them. In all our efforts to make 2015 the best year yet, don’t forget to finish out this year to the fullest. Make December a great last chapter to 2014.

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