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Opinion, Advice, Truth.

By December 12, 2014Uncategorized

My first day pressing tile was nerve-racking, I was afraid of grabbing the wrong tile or pressing it for too long or at too high of a pressure. Thankfully, no major mishap took place and slowly but surely overtime I got more comfortable with every aspect of it. Now, pressing is a mindless activity that I enjoy during my workday while listening to This American Life podcasts. Once pressing became an easier task I took notice of what things were pressed on what tiles and which finishes were used. Pictures are usually best on glossy but if you need a coaster use matte, that way your glass doesn’t slide off and you unwillingly say goodbye to your beverage.

When customers call or order from us they ask for advice, which finish would we recommend and what size tile would work best? Should they use ceramic or would you go with stone? So we give our professional opinion.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson,

The variety of opinions leads to questions. Questions lead to truth.

Well said President Jefferson. We want our opinions to lead to questions from our customers and together we will reach the best truth for that particular project. Our whole business is about customizing work for customers, and we always want to customize projects that are sustainable, high quality, and exactly what our clients want.

The next time you call a business concerning their products, listen. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and end where you both want to be. The people on the other line will be the ones to tell that you want matte coasters so you don’t have to restock your glassware.

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