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By September 12, 2014Uncategorized

Earlier this week I was talking to my pals in the art room (they’re one doorway away, so I bother them a lot). I asked if they had any ideas for this week’s blog, and one of them said “Patterns!”

There’s a lot of directions I could take ‘patterns’. There are patterns that take place in a repeating cycle; there are patterns that mark a natural or chance configuration, for example “patterns of frost on a window.” My absolute favorite, though, are artistic patterns. Artistic patterns are everywhere, on our clothes, curtains, and in our ear buds.

My mom is one of the greats, a diamond in the rough, a saint in a young woman’s body. Growing up she would let me dress myself, which I LOVED. Poor thing, though, she had to take me into public wearing mismatched shirts and pants, sometimes completed with a tutu. I know my parent’s willingness to let me express myself through clothes fostered creativity in me; they gave my love of colors and design a place to grow. So, when it comes to art, in any form, my brain tends to be on the right side of things. There are no limits to how melodies are formed or the choice of colors a painter could use. Authors will never run out of words and designers could never design every piece there will ever be.

Creativity is what drives our clients and employees, and patterns are what bring our product to life! Without pattern, we would be sending boxes of white squares to people, although I am loving white rooms right now. However, if every room was white and had no color or design, what a boring world this would be. Ladies and Gentlemen, we need patterns, and patterns need our creativity.

Don’t be afraid to create something! Our world is better when we do.

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