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Printing Personality

By September 5, 2014Uncategorized

One of my favorite things to do when I visit my parents is look at old pictures. It doesn’t happen often but when it does there are always stories and lots of laughs. I’m always mortified when my Junior High pictures get broken out, but that’s where the fun begins. I love seeing old photo albums of my parents at my age, laughing at their hairdos and then asking if I look like them.

I don’t take the time to print pictures anymore. As a society, we don’t take time to print pictures anymore. They are all stored away on our computers, phones, and flash drives. We barely buy hard copies of books; not to mention newspapers are practically extinct in print form. We are missing out on so much, but we are also shorting future generations of having our memories with them. If we take away all the picture frames and books from our houses all that’s left is different furniture displays. We miss out on the character and personality of the person or family that lives there. Pictures tell stories and books show interests. Imagine a teenage room with no summer camp photo collage or posters on the wall. Imagine no newspaper clippings of your high school volleyball team winning state. Imagine no books that have “Happy Birthday! Love, Aunt Peggy” written inside the cover. We would lose so many precious moments and memories.

All of these mementos that we hold near and dear to us are becoming digital. Now, I am by no means against the digital age, while I write this I have ear buds in, Pandora playing, and I am using my laptop; I am great with the digital age. However, I can’t imagine a generation without baby books and the Sunday comics. I would hate to walk into a house and never see vacation of 2014’s pictures on the wall or ‘Archie’ comics on the coffee table. If people stop displaying what they love and care about we will lose the ‘hominess’ of homes and the display of family personalities.

I am so proud to work at a company that prides itself on printing lasting images. Every day we press family photos on to plaques, or a favorite vacation photo on to a cutting board. We’ve even imaged murals of gorgeous landscapes for a personal spa. We want family memories and personalities to last, to stand the test of time.

Make memories tangible and keep the character of your home alive.

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