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Family Fun… as a Company!

By August 15, 2014Uncategorized

It was a Friday afternoon in the middle of July and the factory was a buzz. We all scrambled around like little worker bees trying to get our work done by 3pm! Why 3? You ask. That afternoon our owner had planned a company wide cookout at his place, complete with a pool! It was much needed rest and relaxation as a work family. The days had been long and hot and we were ready for a break.

Work is stressful at times, we all can attest! One thing we do here at Images In Tile that makes it a little bit more bearable is company wide parties, swim days, or even just dessert. In the past month we have had each of these things take place. We are a busy crew who works hard and it is always nice to be recognized for the work that you do, however big or small.

When asked what kind of environment our president, Sam, tries to create at work, he answered with, “I try to keep it (the environment) laid back without a lot of pressure. Of course there are times for that (high pressure), but employees are more willing to work hard and stay overtime when needed if they know we trust them to get their job done and have some fun around the office.”

What Sam said is true, our company is laid back but not without drive or ambition by any means! We all still push ourselves to create the best product within the deadlines we are given. Trust that whoever is in charge has made the right hires and you have the best team possible working with you.

Next time you have a stressful week or month at work, bring in some cupcakes and take half an hour to laugh, it will go a long way!

P.S. The picture shown above really captures raw workplace fun. That’s what we look like around here!

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